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How To Prepare For An Interstate Removal

Interstate removals are big moves, and the more you plan, the easier they become. There’s a lot you can do to make an interstate move a lot more painless, including self-storage and some sneaky activities about reducing your load before you even start.

The interstate move strategy

Moving, by definition, is based on what you’re moving and when you’re moving it. So there are a few options to start with:

  1. Schedule your move into easy stages.
  2. Don’t move some things at all. Throw them out, sell them, etc.
  3. Get busy and move the non-essentials into short-term storage. That drastically reduces the amount you absolutely have to move.

Do not lug things around the country “on principle” if you don’t actually need to do that. It’s expensive, and it can turn moving into a major ordeal.

Interstate move basics

OK, what absolutely must be moved? Those are the things you can start planning to move. Everything else should be sidelined, and you can also start figuring out ways of getting those things out of the way until you’re ready to receive them.

The basic moves are quite simple:

  1. Check out your storage options. You can have half a house neatly stored away, and, most importantly, it does not cost you money when you are on the move and paying people by the hour. The beauty of storage is that once it’s done, you can organize someone else to do the hard labor of moving it.
  2. What can you move yourself which will save time and space? There are always a few lightweight but space-consuming things which it’s good to have on hand and functional when you arrive. This also saves the notorious process of trying to find items in a sea of packing containers when you do finally get to the new place.
  3. How fast can you get rid of the things you don’t need? You can organize people to either buy or come and collect your unwanted materials well ahead of your move. The added benefit of doing this is that it creates space to store all your pre-packed things and simplifies organizing your activity.

Storage containers

The beauty of storage containers is that these wonderful things can reduce your actual handling times and the endless movement of boxes and other things that have to be fitted onto trucks. Professional movers start with the inside of the car and work backward. The heavy stuff goes on first. The smaller property can sit there for hours. In big containers, everything is moved at once. Just make sure everything’s well packed, and you won’t have a moment’s concern.

Interstate moves really don’t have to be difficult or even hard work. They do, however, have to be very well organized. Figure out a good workable and easy schedule for getting everything done on time, and start your actual packing and storing early, and you won’t have a problem.


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